About Us

The Zebulon Pike is a Colorado Springs chapter of STARFLEET International, the International Star Trek Fan Association Inc.

Basically we are a group of people that all enjoy Star Trek and other Science Fiction universes (yes, we even like Star Wars). We get together a few times a month to do different things around the city and talk Star Trek.

What Types of Events do we do?

  • Eating Out
  • Game Nights
  • Karaoke
  • Conventions
  • Bowling
  • Cosplay
  • Movies


STARFLEET International is the International Star Trek Fan Association Inc. (SFI). There are over 4,900 members in 200 chapters on 4 continents. Every chapter in SFI is different. Some focus on Role playing, community service, or just meeting together to watch movies.

Joining SFI only costs one person $15 per year or $34 for a family of six.

Being a member of STARFLEET gets you access to a lot of benefits. You get a quarterly newsletter, attend STARFLEET Academy courses, or get a scholarship. Plus you get access to hang out with some of the coolest people around.

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The first step to joining our crew is to just follow us. We send out the most important news and upcoming events in our weekly mailing list.

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A lot of our discussion and planning happens on our FaceBook group. We welcome you to join us and get involved.

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We use Twitter to share information in near-real time. If plans change or someone decides to go to a movie last minute and wants some company then we share this on Twitter. Twitter also gets updated with new blog posts.

You can follow Twitter via text messages (no Twitter account required) by texting "follow ussZebulonPike" to 40404.


In order to maintain good standing in STARFLEET our crew has to have a certain number of members join SFI. This gives us, and you, the benefits of being a part of the larger community. Consider joining SFI today!

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Benefits of joining STARFLEET

  • 15% discount at Cosplaysky.com
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Attend free Starfleet Academy courses
  • Be a part of a larger community
  • Much more...

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USS Zebulon Pike
Colorado Springs, CO. 80920