Sky Sox Star Trek Night

The Sky Sox have been doing theme nights for the past few years.  They have done a Star Wars theme night the last 2 years and an Avengers theme night last year.

This year they want to do a Star Trek theme night! And that is not all.  They have asked us, the Zebulon Pike and crew, to help pull off this event!

The game will be the last Saturday in August.  They want people in uniform / costume to mingle with the crowd before game for photo ops and stuff, and then during the game, between innings, there will be a story to play out by a few people.

The planning for this is still early so the details are still coming in.  I am working on finding out what jobs there will be for those who do not wish to wear costumes as well as some other details.

I have also been in contact with the USS Wind Spirit and the USS Tiburon to see if we can get some more help with this.  The more people that show up in uniform the better.  I know the interest is high for having Klingons show up as well as Borg or any other alien races associated with Star Trek.

Keep watch in our weekly newsletter or our forums for more information as I get it.


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