Mission Report 21212.29

Captain’s log, stardate 21212.29.

Today we were playing host to an away team from the USS Tiburon, a Defiant class star ship stationed not too far from us.  What we did not know, however, was that the STARFLEET Marines Brigade commander for this region was coming for some war games.

The Tiburon arrived early, earlier than any of the Zebulon Pike crew even.  I thought nothing of this at the time, I was just focusing on trying to play the role of a good host.  Sadly at the time of arrival I was completely out of any snacks or drinks to speak of, and of coure our replicators are not yet working. (I guess that is a lower priority for a ship on its shakedown cruise).  So I promptly went to the nearest refueling station to acquire said snacks.

Only then did I realize that I had left the ship completely unmanned.  Talk about the easiest takeover in STARFLEET history…

After our crew showed up we were able to acquire some nerf weapons, and then with the help of the seductive powers of a furby who enjoyed the company of the Tiburon’s Security Chief we were able to recapture our vessel.

After the fun was over spent a lot of time talking and then played a 10 player game of Apples to Apples.  It turns out that anybody who gives Captain Kirk as the answer wins. No matter what.  For dinner we all shuttled over to Olive Garden for some great 21st century Americanized Italian food.

After everyone parted ways the Second Officer and I played some Portal: Still Alive on xbox.  What better way would there be to end the evening?

The day was a total success.  Everybody who came had a great time.  Even furby, who may be getting a promotion to ship’s counselor, seemed to have a fun time interacting with the Tiburon’s crew.

We should really plan on doing more events together soon.

Until next time,

Commander Zenor, out.


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