New Twitter Account

We are always looking for great ways to increase our lines of communication to all of our members.  Email seems to be a great universal method but is not the quickest as people do not check their email all the time.

So we decided to create a twitter account as this allows anybody with text messaging to follow our updates even if you do not want a twitter account yourself.

Note that this twitter account will not be used for daily Star Trek or SFI news, only important things that we want to pass to everyone quickly, such as when plans change or announcing that the weekly email was sent out.  The goal is to only have important ZP news shared so we do not bug you into unfollowing.

Follow @ussZebulonPike today from your twitter account, or from text send the text “follow ussZebulonPike” (without the quotes) to 40404.

If you have any other ideas of how we can better share information let us know.  We are up for the easiest way to share information with the most people as quickly as possible.


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