STARFLEET called, we answered

This year the Admiral of STARFLEET sent out a challenge for every chapter of STARFLEET to collect food and donate it to a local food pantry. (

That call was passed to the crew of the USS Zebulon Pike, and in just a few weeks you guys helped collect 17.26 pounds of canned and boxed foods.  Not bad for our first charity event.

The food was donated to a local pantry and I was told that this time of year is particularly hard for the pantries so any help is greatly appreciated.

The contest goes on through the end of January, so we have more time to collect food.  The Christmas Party coming up would be a great chance to bring in more food.

EDIT: We have since added another 12.25 pounds of food, bringing our total to 29.50 pounds. Good job guys! 🙂

Also, our region won with the most donations out of all of STARFLEET!


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