Being a part of the crew and doing things with us is as easy as following us on our mailing list and Facebook and then showing up for events.

If you want to be an official member that gains rank and has a position on the crew then all you have to do is pay the annual dues and attend events.


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New Membership or Renewal?

New Membership or Renewal?



What are the membership dues?

The first family member is $25 for the first year, and $15 each year after that.

Additional family members are $10 for the first year and $5 each year after.

If you pay online a $1 fee is added to cover PayPal’s cost.

Children do not need to have a paid membership.


What are the benefits of being a member?

Being an official member of the USS Zebulon Pike comes with several benefits.

  • Membership Card
  • Name Badge (First year only)
  • Vinyl car decal (Primary member only, first year only)
  • Gain rank within the crew
  • Opportunity to hold crew positions
  • Discounts on certain activities and events


What are the fees used for?
  • Business Cards
  • Tradeshow Banner
  • Photos for the Tradeshow display
  • Supplies (Paper, ink, etc)



Is STARFLEET Membership required?

Being a member of STARFLEET International (SFI) is NOT required by our club, although they do offer benefits such as being able to take courses at STARFLEET Academy and getting a discount on uniforms at Cosplay Sky.

The only positions within our chapter that requires SFI membership is the CO and XO. And if you want to be an officer you will have to take OTS and OCC through SFI’s Academy.

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